The Public Works Department has Stolen the crippled guy's car, sold it, and pocketed the money.

He was told, if he paid the City Treasurer $100, he could keep his own car--for a year.

Danville Public Works Stealing the Elderly Cripple Guy's Car

The elderly crippled guy doesn't hate Danville, he grew up in, and has retired to, Danville, Virginia.
 __Hell, He Loves Danville!

However, he does have a bone to pick with the City of Danville, or more precisely, 
the Public Works Department, who has harassed him for years, over his yard. He has been cited numerous times, and on several occasions, even had the city bring undocumented Mexican workers, who spoke no English, on to his property, tore down his fence, kicked his dog, cut his grass, and then send him a bill that would choke a horse!.
This has gone on while his next door neighbor has a yard much
worst than his. He has also been cited for his car parked in his driveway, being inoperative; while his neighbor has had inoperative cars parked in his driveway for the last twelve years.
Did I mention that his neighbor works for the City of Danville?
I might add, that he has no desire that the Public Works types cite the neighbor.

Before they took his car, he was told by these people, that if he would send one hundred dollars ($100.00) to the City Treasurer, that he can keep his inoperative car in his own driveway, for a year. My guess is, the $100 is for special rose colored glasses for the inspector, Mr. Ferguson, that make the car magically appear 'operative.'

What makes this so egregious, is the fact he happens to be disabled and cannot cut his yard himself or deal with his car. He must hire people to take care of these things for him--that takes time and costs money. Sometimes it's a choice between cutting the grass or eating three meals or two. On top of that, he was given only 7 days to cut his grass, Hell, it takes him 2 days just to change his adult diaper.
He emailed Mr. Ferguson, et al. explaining his situation. Not hearing back, he assumed that he had time to take care of things. He was wrong. Without a word, they came on his property and took his car. 

He contacted the Director of Public Works, Mr. Drazenovich, and told him of his situation, and that he had emailed Ferguson, et al. to which Mr. Drazenovich said that emailing was not an acceptable way to communicate. The elderly crippled guy, pointed out in his emails, that because of his strokes, he was unable to communicate aurally. If emailing is unacceptable, why have an email link on the Public Works site? _Duh!

When your grass grows to an arbitrary height, they mail you a certified letter informing you and threatening you that you've got 7 days to cut your grass, or else!

If that wasn't enough, to shame you in front of all the neighborhood, they plaster your house with a bright day-glow orange poster, a "Scarlet Letter," reiterating that same intimidating message.

Makes you wonder, just who's working for who?

Abraham Lincoln said: "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

Something tells me, these little bureaucrats have way too much power!

Message from the elderly cripple guy, to Danville's Public Works Department: You have taken my car, you've forced me to kill all of my green grass, I'm in debt, and my health has been affected--thanks to you. 

What else do you have in store for me?

I only have a short time left, can't you people leave me alone...


"Why won't those Public Works Clowns leave me the Hell alone?"

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I Hate Danville, VA! 
City of Danville

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